Project Remnants Put to Use

Awhile back, I posted a DIY project - Storage Tin Transformation. At the time, I had only completed 2 of the 6 transformations.  I could rationalize my procrastination for not finishing all 6 was due to I wanted to make sure I really liked the new bins. Eh, why bother. Simply put, life got in the way.

Thanks to yet another wintry mix weekend, I decided I would finish the project. I got all my supplies back out and completed 2 more bins using those damaged place mats.
Before, I get to how I transformed the two remaining bins, I wanted to share with you how I used the left over place mat remnants. I had a lot of border pieces I could have simply thrown away.
WHAT?! Throw something away I could possibly use. NEVER.

Oh, lordy. Please excuse my inner thrift voice for talking out of turn. Sometimes it is hard to keep that chick in check. Anyway, like I was saying, I had several border pieces remaining, leaving me with large quantities of both long and short "twig" pieces (I mean, really, what do you call those besides twigs. Basket pieces?).  Here is what I decided to do with them (inner thrift voice, you'll be happy).

Exhibit A:  Long Twigs

I simply arranged them in matching glass vases I had on hand.
Works with the bird theme, right?
Exhibit B: Short Twigs
Yes, I cut all those short twigs from the borders. Tedious, no doubt, and messy.
After it was all said and done, I made mini nests in some candle sticks I failed to sell. 
A close up.  Looks like a nest, right?
I used the remaining short twigs as a base for this candle.
I think it looks cool. I like the texture.
Okay, I did throw some pieces away I found too hard to separate from the cloth pieces. No worries, inner thrift voice is so elated with the above uses, she won't catch that last sentence.

The Final Two Bins
I decided to test a different place mat.  I know, I know, you're thinking, how many place mats does she have? Apparently, I like place mats, especially ones with texture. I have (had) 8 of these placemats and the most I would use in one sitting are six so I figured I could spare two for this project.
When I purchase place mats, I always buy at least one extra for replacement purposes, but now I am screwed if any are damaged when I need to set a table for six. Oops, too late now!

Okay, here is what I did with the final two. 

I probably should have used this place mat for the project.
It is looking a little shabby. Gah!
Finished product!
As I was putting everything away, I had a spark of creative genius that will never see the light of day. You see, I realized, I could have done each of the 6 bins with twig weave on one side and this shiny weave on the other allowing me two looks for the same bin.  Whenever I felt the urge to change the look in my glass cabinets, I could simply turn all the bins around and viola! you would have a row of twig weave one day, shiny weave the next, or mix/match.  Sigh!  You win some, you lose some, right inner designer voice?  Oui. C'est la vie, mon ami. C'est la vie.

Today in Thrift . . . Healthy Living

Breville Juice Fountain - $40 (Facebook sale)
I was a bit leery buying something electronic off of a Facebook page, especially since the seller said she was in the process of a move, but I went for it.  I am happy I did. The machine was spotless and no issues with the motor.  A good deal considering this model sells for over $140 new.

This is my third or fourth juice concoction. I would have made more but a kid's illness kept me from a trip to the farmer's market. I look forward to many more concoctions.  This one is kid approved and might be used for tasty iced juice pops this summer.

Recipe (warning a bit tart):
red grapes


Today in Thrift . . . Organizing

This is a blog series where I snap a picture and share the thrift source and/or story.
Over the door shoe organizer - $5 (Facebook seller)
White plastic bins - $1.75 for all 5 (Goodwill Outlet)

The closet chaos was tormenting my husband and me for far too long. I originally was only going to use the plastic bins to organize, but soon realized the problem wouldn't be solved. We needed to "see" what we had so we could 1) find things and 2) know when to restock. Before too long, a seller posted the clear shoe organizer and I was the lucky buyer. The new addition freed up two shelves, so I put the extra towels up top and into the bottom shelf, I moved in several of the boys sheet sets from their dresser.  Magically, I now had a free drawer to better organize their pjs. 

When my husband checked out the "new" closet, he kept saying, "I didn't know we stored _____ in here." This new system gives the boys a bit more autonomy now that I am not as worried about them playing with lotions, scissors, etc.  Ah, they can fetch their own adhesive bandages and lip balms. Independence is grand!


Goodwill Outlet Craft

m and the finished Goodwill Outlet Craft
I stopped in the local Goodwill Outlet last week just to see what they had.  I am always looking for cool decor pieces and now small items for my mini bell jars/cloches displays, but I still look through everything, except clothing. I find I don't have the patience to look through the clothing bins lately, especially since it is hard to find good quality boys clothing sizes 6 and up.

I spent maybe thirty minutes scouring through the bins. I found mostly organizational pieces (perfect for a bathroom closet re-org) along with some craft items. The Grinch VHS was a fluke but I put it in my bin because it sells for $12+ on Amazon (always have my business hat on). My total bill - $7.37 for all of these items.

You might wonder why I picked up a sealed package of mini paper plates. I figured the plates would at some point come in handy for crafts. As the days went on, I realized those plates may help with the craft portion of my upcoming Mystery Reader assignment in my son's classroom.

I am reading "My Lucky Day" by Keiko Kasza and as part of my "presentation" I will use stuffed animals to tell the story (a fox puppet and stuffed pig on loan from a friend). While the stuffed animals are a nice touch, the teacher has asked for a craft as well. Cue the mini paper plates.
A few glances at Pinterest for craft ideas and I came up with these "puppets". I like how the cutouts from the fox face can be used for the fox ears (no waste) and the pigs ears only require small triangles.  All in all a quick project for the kids (I hope), and an inexpensive one for me (maybe $.05 a puppet?). I plan to construct most of it, so the kids just have to color and then we'll tape the sticks to the back. Meanwhile, I will be busy cutting fox faces and pigs ears over the next few days for the class of 26.

The Goodwill Outlet is a great place to find craft supplies for your own personal use, school projects, or community involvement (donations to schools, scout troops, library, etc).  Just a thought before you trek out Michael's and pay a fortune.


Wednesday's Woot of the Week

Wednesday's "WOOT! of the Week"

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Two new books for FREE from Amazon using my Citi ThankYou Rewards. I saved $25.42!
By the way, I cannot believe how expensive books cost retail.  Sigh. I am spoiled by my $.25 and less used book finds.