Declutter De Mayo Update

I only have a few more days until DeClutter De Mayo is terminado! I have been working steadily this past month on the Basement and Garage Makeovers. A very tedious process, but necessary. As each step is completed, I feel more accomplished and inspired to continue. I could go into detail about what I did in each area and maybe I will do so at a later time when the makeovers are complete, but for now, I'll let the pictures do the talking:

Basement Office Before:
Basement Office Current:
Still more work to do, but definitely progress
Basement Storage Before:
Basement Storage Current:
Lots of organizing still to do here, but I hope the work bench's new home will inspire 1) discarding of duplicate items and 2) completed projects. So excited!
Garage Before:

Garage Current:
Still need to tweak this area. I need to find a way to store the bikes/big wheels
vertically in a way the boys can easily access.
We had to complete the workbench move before the boys birthday this week because they are getting a Green Machine and that baby takes up some space.
A few weeks ago I cleaned and organized the cabinet's contents by category (auto, lawn care, plant care, etc). So much easier to find things.


DeClutter de Mayo

Tomorrow, I shall conquer clutter and organize this . . .
and/or this . . .
and/or this . . .

But for right now, I am going to conquer THIS while watching something inspirational (Hoarders perhaps? Hahahaha) on Hulu.
Happy Cinco de Mayo!


I Am Going To Feel This In the Morning

I am working steadily on my garage AND basement makeovers. What began as one makeover, has since morphed into two makeovers, since I need to make room in the basement for the workbench being moved from the garage.

I accomplished A LOT of organizing today, moved A LOT of things (sometimes twice) and I will FEEL IT in the morning. Why?

Because, I moved everything in this room today. Yes, the home gym, the treadmill, the rowing machine. I actually moved them twice. I have a good sense of space, but always need to do a little tweaking. Before I moved the equipment, I had to move out items that needed new homes either in the basement, in the donation bin or the garbage/recycle pile.
We inherited this monster from the previous owners.
I really want to sell it, but not sure if it is worth the aggravation.
Yep, I moved these shelves and bins, too. Luckily, I was able to move the shelves with the bins on them. Slow and steady.
Then, I organized this section after moving out the previous clutter. Yes, I know it is technically still cluttered. Workin' on it!
A lot of these bins were from my consignment sale days.
I might be selling a few of these.
 And finally this area.
Some of this will either go to projects, donations or up for sale.
Next, I need to tackle finding homes for these things below, so I can eventually move in the workbench from the garage.
Mostly packing materials. Sigh.
Slowly, but surely people. Slowly, but surely.


Thrift Philosophies - A Different Perspective

Last Thursday, I purchased this table via a Facebook posting. I was the first interested in a long line of willing buyers.
I thought is was really cool even though I normally don't buy big ticket items off Facebook pages. I knew exactly where I wanted it to go in my house. After picking it up from the seller, I put it in its intended location, decorated it, and then the uncertainty set in.
Hmm, this just doesn't look right.
Maybe it needs different decor.
Maybe it just doesn't really fit here, but where would it fit? It's 51" long and can't just go anywhere.

Just a bit over 24 hours, I reached out to the next interested person on that long list (the seller hadn't taken their post down yet). I gave them a set time to respond so that I could then reach out to other interested persons and have it sold by Sunday afternoon. Well, the person read the message, but never responded. Not even a "not interested", just silence. Humph!

Talking with my husband, we both agreed the table was nice and we both liked it. Even though the table would have been great in my office, I spent too much for it to be a basement work table. We both agreed the table might work in our dining room once we stopped using it as a playroom for the boys; however, the playroom is staying for quite awhile longer. Finally, I suggested we use it in our bedroom alcove. If it still didn't work there, then I'd reach out to the next interested person on that long list.

In order to make room for the new table, we had to move out the existing one. The existing table is pretty (A Bombay Company original bought nearly 20 years ago) and a nice place to hold pictures, but it isn't very functional. For now, we'll simply store it along with its matching coffee table until we decide to sell it or use it again sometime. We currently use the end tables from the set in our living room.

With this new table we have a place to neatly store all our bed pillows, instead of piling them up in the corners or in a big basket. Ugh, it just was so cluttered in that alcove, but we just lived with it.

Sometimes you just need to look at what you have with a different perspective. That is true with the thrift purchases as well. I was quick to dismiss this table as simply a showpiece rather than realizing its potential to be useful/purposeful. Was this table meant to hold pillows? Not necessarily for someone else, but it works for us, for now.


A Trip To Habitat

I don't frequent the Habitat for Humanity Restore Kennett Square (HHRKS) too often anymore. Primarily because I don't frequent the Kennett Square area as part of my regular routine. I was in the area for a consignment sale and some sample paint at the local Sherwin Williams, so I figured I would stop in.

Much has changed at HHRKS since it opened a few years back. As with any "thrift" store, the prices vary greatly. Gone are the days of the big 50% off everything in the store sales. Now, the store features daily sales based on color stickers, similar to other thrift stores, and the % off range from 10% to 75%. They also offer specialty sales on furniture and fixtures on occasion. If you are on the lookout, you will find HHRKS coupons in the local Clipper magazine. I used one of them today, $10 off a purchase of $35 or more.

All in all, the prices seem to be a bit more reasonable nowadays and they continually tweak the layout. They have mostly weeded out clothing and toys, but have a few here and there. Their main items are furniture, fixtures and hardware. They do still feature a decent selection of small decor, pictures, books and movies. I am happy to see the kids books and VHS are back to $.25 each.

I love when my timing works out to finding some cool finds. I just purchased a unique rustic sofa table from Facebook and had hoped to find cool display items. I was not disappointed and I was able to use my coupon.

Here are pictures of my finds.

Faux twig with birds nests, resin bird and basket tray.
A HenFeathers ceramic pedestal and birds nest.
I think these are plant pedestals/trays. I think I use them for wall decor instead.
Not quite sure yet.
Here is the rustic sofa table with some of these purchases mingled with past thrift purchases.
I think I will play with the display a bit more. Now looking at the picture, I think I need to edit or at least break-up the green on the left side.

Anyway, nevermind me and my decor indecision. Overall, I got all those items today for less than $3.50 a piece. Love it!