I've Come A Long Way Baby!

After a few weeks of researching, walking out of H.H. Gregg empty-handed, walking out of Best Buy with a purchase receipt, hiring an overpriced electrician to install an outlet, dealing with the uncertainty a 27 hour power outage can bring, our new oven range and over-the-range microwave were delivered today.

The delivery guys were great - courteous, professional, and hailed from my birthplace - Staten Island, NY. Why they deliver/install all the way out here in boonies of Pennsylvania? Who knows, but I am glad they did.

I love how they didn't even blink when I said I wanted the old microwave bracket or how the knobs and burner elements were missing on the old range. I am sure they have seen my kind before, the kind who will sell the parts.

Sell the parts?! Seriously??!! I figured since they were going to haul away the old appliances to "recycle" them, I would see if I could "recycle" some parts myself via a sale on ebay.

A few clicks here and there, I found out I could do well selling some of the parts. Now, I didn't go crazy and start taking off panels for the small electrical pieces; however, I am guilty of taking off the microwave vent cover to see if it was worth cleaning. Even though those run about $15 used on ebay, after an initial scrubbing, I decided I wouldn't end up doing a great job cleaning off the built-up grime. Had I researched further, I could have sold the vent cover screws (yes, the SCREWS) for $7 alone!

Anyways, if all goes well and the parts I put aside sell as high as those currently showing as "sold" on ebay, I could pocket over $100. 

The old me wouldn't have thought to sell used appliance parts. The old me would have been just happy to see the appliances being recycled. The new me even considered bringing the old appliances to a junk yard to see what I could earn via scrap. Unfortunately, my scrapping days will have to wait until we buy a truck (which could be sooner than later). Oh, so many things are on the horizon for our little family, but I am getting ahead of myself.

Oh, remember my comment on Facebook about how I posted my HHGregg post to their page and had received a preliminary "we're looking into this" response. Well, I did get a response from the store we had visited. The general manager was very nice in his email and even went so far to say he would allow us a 17% discount on those same items if we came back to the store (and got a HHGregg credit card). While his offer was generous and above what we expected originally, I had already purchased our new appliances at Best Buy. I've had a lovely purchase experience with the Pacific Kitchen and Home team at Best Buy from beginning to end. Time for me to complete their survey and to let them know first hand.


We Walked Out

This past Sunday while perusing the week's ads, I was intrigued by a sale at H.H. Gregg. We are in the market for a new range and over-the-range microwave, and H.H. Gregg was featuring a unique sale for certain brands.

There were two ads within the same circular which caught my eye:
1) Extra 12% OFF for purchases made on 6/14 between 10am and 10pm. I noted the fine print which stated, in summary: A) Limited to on-hand inventory and B) Certain brands were "limited" to 10% except where shown.
2)The Samsung Deal - buy 2 and get an EXTRA 5% off. Fine print stated: A) Certain brands were "limited" to 10% except where shown. B) 5% off instantly when using an H.H. Gregg card.
Before we headed to the store (a good 45 minute drive one-way), I called the appliances department and confirmed the following:
1) All the model numbers we were interested in purchasing were in stock. YES
2) If I purchased the Samsung deal today, I would get the 10% 1 Day Only discount AND the Extra 5% Samsung offer. YES

We arrive at the store and patiently wait for the salesperson who assisted me on the phone. I felt I should do so out of courtesy for his time earlier. The salesperson becomes available, shows us all the models we had talked about, and states throughout our time together, numerous times in fact, the Samsung purchases will qualify for 15% off.

The salesperson leaves us to make our final decision while he helps another customer finalize their purchase. Finally, after selecting our Samsung appliances and 40 minutes from the time we arrived, we are sitting with the salesperson to make our purchase.

After he tries to sell us on the warranty programs and we decline, we are finally ready to proceed with the order. THEN, he says he needs to speak with his manager. We didn't think much of it, except he returns to say the purchases don't qualify for 15%, only the 10% per the fine print. So, after calling and confirming on the phone, after he repeatedly tells us in the store the purchases qualify for 15% off, all of a sudden, it is now 10%.

Neither my husband or I were happy customers. We argued the fine print stated "except where shown" as it related to the 10% Samsung limitation and the "except where shown" applies to the flyer stating "Extra 5%" when you purchase two or more Samsung appliances.

The salesperson was quick to say we can speak to his manager as he is not responsible and he can't do anything about it. Now, I was sympathetic the first time he said it, but when he kept backpedaling, I felt he was showing a shady side. He stepped away to speak to the manager again. I told my husband I felt like we were in a car dealership. Do they really act like this in the appliances sector? Geez!

He returns with 12% as the highest discount they can do. Hmm, really??!! We told him no, we were no longer interested. The manager sees our whole family (mind you, our kids were with us and behaved amazingly during this now, nearly 1 hour waste of time - thanks goodness for the Leapsters we brought along to keep them busy), and proceeds to explain the legal mumbo-jumbo, which quite frankly, she didn't seem to grasp. We argued our point only for a moment, because, really, it didn't matter. They were willing to lose a sale over 3% and we were happy to oblige them by walking out sans purchase.

You see, we didn't need to purchase those items THAT DAY. We sought out a deal that ended up being too good to be true. I have no regrets walking out of H.H. Gregg yesterday and will have no regrets taking my business elsewhere.


Declutter De Mayo Update

I only have a few more days until DeClutter De Mayo is terminado! I have been working steadily this past month on the Basement and Garage Makeovers. A very tedious process, but necessary. As each step is completed, I feel more accomplished and inspired to continue. I could go into detail about what I did in each area and maybe I will do so at a later time when the makeovers are complete, but for now, I'll let the pictures do the talking:

Basement Office Before:
Basement Office Current:
Still more work to do, but definitely progress
Basement Storage Before:
Basement Storage Current:
Lots of organizing still to do here, but I hope the work bench's new home will inspire 1) discarding of duplicate items and 2) completed projects. So excited!
Garage Before:

Garage Current:
Still need to tweak this area. I need to find a way to store the bikes/big wheels
vertically in a way the boys can easily access.
We had to complete the workbench move before the boys birthday this week because they are getting a Green Machine and that baby takes up some space.
A few weeks ago I cleaned and organized the cabinet's contents by category (auto, lawn care, plant care, etc). So much easier to find things.


DeClutter de Mayo

Tomorrow, I shall conquer clutter and organize this . . .
and/or this . . .
and/or this . . .

But for right now, I am going to conquer THIS while watching something inspirational (Hoarders perhaps? Hahahaha) on Hulu.
Happy Cinco de Mayo!


I Am Going To Feel This In the Morning

I am working steadily on my garage AND basement makeovers. What began as one makeover, has since morphed into two makeovers, since I need to make room in the basement for the workbench being moved from the garage.

I accomplished A LOT of organizing today, moved A LOT of things (sometimes twice) and I will FEEL IT in the morning. Why?

Because, I moved everything in this room today. Yes, the home gym, the treadmill, the rowing machine. I actually moved them twice. I have a good sense of space, but always need to do a little tweaking. Before I moved the equipment, I had to move out items that needed new homes either in the basement, in the donation bin or the garbage/recycle pile.
We inherited this monster from the previous owners.
I really want to sell it, but not sure if it is worth the aggravation.
Yep, I moved these shelves and bins, too. Luckily, I was able to move the shelves with the bins on them. Slow and steady.
Then, I organized this section after moving out the previous clutter. Yes, I know it is technically still cluttered. Workin' on it!
A lot of these bins were from my consignment sale days.
I might be selling a few of these.
 And finally this area.
Some of this will either go to projects, donations or up for sale.
Next, I need to tackle finding homes for these things below, so I can eventually move in the workbench from the garage.
Mostly packing materials. Sigh.
Slowly, but surely people. Slowly, but surely.