Facebook ISO turns into a Retail SIO

Today, I posted an ISO (In Search Of) on the local Facebook page, reaching out to the over 4,000 members, to ask if anyone had 2 or 3 wooden counter stools, similar to the one pictured, in good condition, that they would be willing to part with for between $10 and $20.
This stool, and its twin, was purchased as part of a bar table/chair set at Bed, Bath and Beyond five years ago.  I've been expressing interest in the many counter/bar stool posts on the Facebook yard sale pages, but for whatever reason (condition, people ahead of me, wrong measurement) I just couldn't find what we were looking for, so I posted my ISO request this morning.

I did receive a few responses, and rather than what I wanted ("Yes, I have exactly what you need", like in my Scooby Doo ISO - read about it here),  I got suggestions on where I could buy it RETAIL!

I just rolled my eyes at those first responses, because, if I wanted to pay retail, I wouldn't be posting it on a yardsale page.  Who's with me on this?  Right??!!  The classic, and I know the poster meant well (as they all did), suggested I buy the stools unfinished at a local business. Unfinished??!! I am not going to spend $10-$20 on a stool to then have to refinish it.  I am frugal and DIY challenged.

However, there was one retail response I had to check out.  The kind poster told me she saw "these" stools, the other week, on clearance, at Kohl's for $25.  She even told me which Kohl's location.

Was it a coincidence that the Kohl's location she referenced was just minutes (okay, maybe 12) from where my Just Between Friends (JBF) sale was held (tonight was consignor pick-up as the sale ended at 1pm today)???  I think not. It was the universe speaking to me, yet again.  When the universe speaks, I listen.

Not too long after I loaded my car with my unsold consignment goodies, I left the JBF sale and headed straight over to Kohl's, and without hesitation (okay, I wiped my rain soaked shoes first - those Kohl's floors are unforgiving with wet shoes), walked right back to the Home department. 

I found the clearance stools on the endcap, BUT I hesitated because . . .
the price was even less at $23.99!  No, that wasn't it! They were METAL, not wood.  Sigh.

I tried to check for product reviews online, but none were to be found.  The only thing left for me to do was to confer with the hubs.  I texted him a picture, adding that with my Kohl's store card, this low price of $23.99 could be discounted even further, as much as 30%.  He agreed to the purchase of three, as long as we could return them without issue.  You see, he likes the return option that Facebook yard sale pages just don't offer.  I don't blame him there.

At the checkout, the awesome cashier let me choose another discount scratch off when my first one was only 15%.  My next pick was a 20% discount.  I wonder if they really even have the 30% scratch-offs.  Hmph!

So, for the low price of $19.19 each, I am now the proud owner of new counter stools.  The hubs even put them together tonight!  They don't look too shabby, blend in well with the decor, and are just as sturdy as the other wood ones we have.  Most of all, SIO - Search Is Over!


  1. I think they look great. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy new - very rarely though!

  2. Those look great! I love the SIO part, heavens knows the search goes on too long sometimes!

    1. Thanks! Our kids love them and yes, so happy this search is over. :)