Not Into Playing Games

Hmmm, well no one seemed to want to play the game suggested in this post, but I'll reveal the answers anyway, just because.

A little game recap: I did some after-Christmas clearance sale shopping at Target and got some fun deals.  I asked readers to guess:

1) What was the LEAST expensive item?
2) What was the MOST expensive item?
3) How many were priced 99 cents or less?  

Before I reveal the answers, my husband said that he almost commented that his guess for the most expensive item was "the refrigerator".  Funny guy, eh??  Ahem.

Here is the picture again AND for clarification, we are focusing on the items featured on the counter. 

Least Expensive?  Blip Toy (Disney Pixar Cars key) - $.30 (orig. 3.00)
Reason I purchased:  Perfect for future stocking stuffer or Valentines/Easter gift.

Most Expensive?Bloody Mary kit (2 mixes, 2 glasses) - $7.49 (orig. $14.98)
Reason I purchased:  I like a Bloody Mary now and again and the extra glasses are always welcome.

Total items for $.99 or less? 

7 - 2 Blip Toys ($.30 each; org. $3.00 each); 2 Dip Bowls ($.49 each; org. $4.99 each); 2 flashlight sets ($.99 each, orig. $9.99 each); Wine Accessory Gift Set ($.99; orig. $9.99)
Reason I purchased:  Dip Bowls (great for entertaining and decor); flashlight set (can use for fun gifts for the boys- black for Halloween or whenever, red for Valentines Day/Christmas, and silver for Easter/Birthday/whenever); Wine Accessory Set - a cute hostess gift, etc.

Other items purchased:
Popcorn Sampler Set - $3.99 (orig. $7.98) - Reason - Movie Night Fun

Cocktail Samplers (Margarita & Martini - $2.99 each (orig. $5.99) - Reason - Girls Night In Fun
Holiday sock set (4 pairs) - $1.29 (orig. $12.99) -
Reason - Silly Fun

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  1. those are some great scores! I got some mercury glass candleholders from cvs for 3 bucks each, and a red gnome from target also for 3 dollars that I plan to paint.

    1. Yes, yes, I was shocked at the discounts! Nice work on your finds too! Thanks for the comment!